Welcome to Ruby.Exchange: An NFT-powered AMM and the foremost DEX on the SKALE Network for Ethereum.
Ruby.Exchange is a decentralized, non-custodial automated market maker (AMM) that allows users to trade with no gas fees on the SKALE Network's Europa Chain. The protocol employs a Dual-DEX model in which both a StableSwap 4Pool and an XY=K algorithm are linked together using Ruby's Intelligent Trade Router for optimal order execution and low slippage swaps. Financialized NFTs are built into the ecosystem to provide a variety of user-specific benefits, including additional yield on LP positions or reductions in trading fees.

What Is SKALE?

SKALE V2 is an Ethereum-native, multichain scaling solution that is capable of running an unlimited number of secure, decentralized, and high-performance blockchains. These chains are modular and customizable, and offer high throughput and pooled security via randomized node selection and rotation. SKALE is EVM-compatible and built on top of Ethereum. It is not a sidechain solution.

Why Build On SKALE?

Building Ruby.Exchange on SKALE enables zero-gas transactions, offering the opportunity to integrate NFTs throughout the UX without the costs of minting and distribution that would make such functionality uneconomical on Ethereum mainnet.
Additional features include rapid confirmation times and finality, and protection against front-running built in at the network level. SKALE chains support decentralized file storage, meaning that all Ruby NFT images and metadata can be stored on-chain, rather than on a centralized server or IPFS. This guarantees data availability and ensures users are always able to benefit from their utility NFTs on the Ruby.Exchange platform.
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