The Europa Liquidity Hub
Europa is a shared SKALE Chain that hosts a cluster of liquidity-focused dApps and services.

Bridging And Liquidity Fragmentation

Liquidity will move into, out of, and around the SKALEVERSE via bridges. However, SKALE is intentionally designed as an open, permissionless system, meaning that every bridge from Ethereum mainnet to a SKALE Chain will have a different wrapping standard for tokens migrated across it. This risks causing popular tokens, including BTC, ETH, and stablecoins, to be split into as many different and incompatible versions as there are mainnet bridges.
Migrating funds across two bridges from mainnet results in two different token versions.
This fragmentation of liquidity would be detrimental to the SKALEVERSE, since dApps would not have a common standard for the tokens they use.
The aim of the Europa initiative, jointly launched by major SKALE dApps and stakeholders, is to establish a default mainnet bridge and entry-point to the SKALEVERSE, and the social consensus and network effect to ensure there is a single version of each major token, which can then be used interchangeably by every dApp across the SKALE network.
Europa's bridge serves as the default entry point to the SKALEVERSE for liquidity from Ethereum mainnet.
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A Liquidity Hub For The SKALEVERSE

Because Europa is a effectively a public service for the SKALE Network, it must be community-controlled to prevent it becoming a single point of failure. Initially, chain admin will be managed by three-of-five multi-sig, with keys held by major dApps and parties from the SKALE community. Later, a DAO model will enable a wider range of Europa and SKALE community members to participate in key decisions, such as white listing tokens for the bridge.
The Europa SKALE Chain hosts several liquidity-related dApps and services, with dApp teams also being key holders. By serving this purpose, Europa will become a Liquidity Hub and the chief route for funds and users to enter the SKALEVERSE.

Founder Europa Members

Initial dApps that have agreed to form the Europa Hub, and to be multi-sig key holders with admin rights to the chain and bridge, include:
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Bridging And Liquidity Fragmentation
A Liquidity Hub For The SKALEVERSE
Founder Europa Members