RUBY Token Supply And Distribution
Information about RUBY allocation, vesting, and initial circulating supply.

Key Information

  • Total supply: 200 million RUBY (Ethereum mainnet contract)
  • All liquidity initially on SKALE (Europa SKALE Chain contract).
  • Initial circulating supply: 2.871 million RUBY.
  • XY=K liquidity pools with USDP base pair: RUBY, SKL, ETH, WBTC
  • USDT/USDC/USDP/DAI StableSwap 4Pool.
  • Liquidity mining rewards: 100 million RUBY tokens (50%) over five years, decreasing annually.
    • 80% rewards allocated to XY=K pools
    • 20% allocated to StableSwap
  • Single-sided RUBY staking.
  • 0.3% trading fees distributed to LPs (0.25%), RUBY stakers (0.04%), and burned (0.01%).
  • 0.04% StableSwap fees distributed to LPs (0.02%) and Ruby Treasury (0.02%)

RUBY Token Allocation

RUBY Vesting And Initial Circulating Supply