Trade using the StableSwap 4Pool or XY=K pools.

How To Trade On Ruby.Exchange

Trading on Ruby.Exchange is fast and easy. Start by heading to the Swap menu and selecting Swap, or StableSwap for exchanges between two stablecoins.
Use the dropdown menus to select the token you want to swap, and the one you want to receive. Enter the amount in the top box, or click Max to swap your entire balance of that token. Click the Swap button.
A dialog box with information about your swap will be displayed. Check the details and click Confirm Swap, and then confirm the transaction when prompted by MetaMask.
If it's your first swap, you will be prompted to approve another transaction first, to allow Ruby to trade your tokens. The transaction should confirm within a few seconds, and your balance for each token will be updated.
The process for using Ruby's StableSwap is almost identical. In fact, you can use either the main Swap interface or the dedicated StableSwap interface to exchange stablecoins. The result will be the same.
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