Staking And Locking RUBY
Single-sided RUBY staking options to compound rewards.
RUBY token holders can stake their tokens to earn additional RUBY from the AMM's trading fees. Unlike LPing (and yield farming), staking does not require the user to deposit two tokens in the staking contract, because their tokens do not constitute liquidity for other users to trade against. This also means that staking does not incur impermanent loss. Tokens can also be locked for three months to earn additional rewards.
Note: Claimable fees from staking and locking do not compound, and must be claimed/staked separately to generate further rewards.

How To Stake And Lock RUBY

Go to Profile -> Manage Ruby to manage your vesting yield farming rewards and to stake your RUBY.
At the top of the page, you'll find a summary of all your farming and staking positions.

Staking Vs Locking

There are two options for single-sided staking:
  1. 1.
    Stake RUBY. Users receive a share of 0.04% of every trade made on Ruby.Exchange, paid for out of the default 0.3% fee charged on every swap. Staked tokens can be unstaked at any time.
  2. 2.
    Lock RUBY for three months to receive a share of trading fees, and additionally a share of the early-exit fees paid by yield farmers who want to access their earnings before the three-month vesting period is over.
In both cases, rewards are streamed in real time and can be accessed straight away, but locked RUBY cannot be unlocked for three months. After this period has ended, locked tokens will continue to generate rewards unless they are withdrawn. Unlike vesting RUBY from yield farming claims, there is no early unlock option for Locked RUBY.
Simply enter the amount of RUBY you want to deposit in the relevant box, and click Stake or Lock. Then follow the prompt to confirm the transaction using MetaMask. Staked/locked RUBY will immediately begin to accrue rewards.
Locking cycles run from the 1st, 8th, 15th, and 22nd day of each month at 12:00 am UTC. That is, if a user locks RUBY on February 2, they will be unlocked on May 1, not May 8.

Staking Payments And APR

Payments take place when the RubyMaker (Ruby's reward distribution contract) Convert function call is made. This converts LP tokens collected by the RubyMaker from Liquidity Providers into RUBY, which are then distributed to stakers. The convert Function must be called for each AMM pool.
Anyone can call the Convert function. However, doing so means that LP tokens held in the RubyMaker contract are converted to RUBY for payment to users and so can no longer accrue trading fees. This stops any new rewards accruing until further liquidity is added to Ruby's pools. The less frequently the contract call is made, the higher the overall rewards will be.
APR values will only update within the Stake RUBY panel of the rewards dashboard after each tranche of rewards is distributed. Following distribution, users will be able to Claim these fees within the "All Claimable Fees" panel. Rewards are recalculated and distributed per block, and can be claimed immediately.
Note: If distribution of rewards is in process (i.e. RubyMaker has converted the LP tokens to RUBY), users will still earn a share when they begin staking.
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