Yield Farming
How to earn RUBY rewards by staking LP tokens.
Once you've deposited liquidity to Ruby's pools, you can stake your LP tokens in Ruby's farming contract to earn RUBY rewards. Start by selecting Farm from the menu.
Then, select an entry for which you have provided liquidity. You will see your available liquidity provider (LP) tokens displayed. Enter the amount you want to stake or click Max, then Stake, and confirm the transaction when prompted by MetaMask.
After a short time, you will start to see rewards accruing. To access these, you will need to click the Vest button. This begins a three-month vesting process, after which the rewards will be available to Claim through the dashboard (Profile -> Manage RUBY).
Vesting cycles run from the 1st, 8th, 15th, and 22nd day of each month at 12:00 am UTC. That is, if a user Claims RUBY on February 2, tokens will become available on May 1, not May 8.
LP tokens can be withdrawn from the staking contract at any time. Withdrawing LP tokens will not affect rewards that are currently vesting. Any unvested rewards automatically start to vest when LP tokens are withdrawn, and can be accessed in three months from the rewards dashboard (or earlier, on payment of the penalty fee).
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