User Profile
The profile area includes a unique gemstone PFP and key gems owned by the users.
The profile area includes basic information about NFT gemstones owned by the user, including gems used as profile images, and permissioned reward NFTs.
A summary of gemstone transactions is provided at the bottom of the page.

Gemstone Profile Picture

Upon making their first transaction on the Europa Chain, every user receives a gemstone to be used as a profile image (PFP).
PFP gemstones are randomly generated from a wide range of parameters, including color, shape, edge brightness, roughness, wear, and other properties. Every PFP gemstone is unique.
Profile gems are automatically generated for every account that does not have one. In order to receive a new profile gemstone, a user simply has to transfer their profile NFT to a different address. When they make their next transaction on Europa, they will receive another PFP gem.

Reward Gems

Permissioned NFT rewards are integrated throughout Ruby.Exchange. The primary way for users to gain reward gems is through raffles. Users can acquire any number of NFT reward gemstones, with the best gemstone in each category automatically activated within the profile area. (At launch, zero-fee gems are the only permissioned reward NFTs available.)
For example, if a users owns two gems that reduce trading fees, one a 0.2% fee gem and one a zero-fee gem, the zero-fee gem will be activated and displayed on their profile page.
In the future, users will be able to sell unwanted gems on the Ruby NFT marketplace.