Liquidity Mining Emissions
Details about RUBY yield farming rewards and pool allocations.

Pools and Staking

Ruby will offer RUBY liquidity mining rewards in all XY=K liquidity pools as well as the StableSwap 4Pool. Selected pools will offer SKL rewards in the near future. There will also be single-sided RUBY staking.

Mining Emissions

Ruby.Exchange will distribute a total of 100 million RUBY tokens as staking and liquidity rewards, over five years. Distribution will follow a "thirdening" model. Rewards will be emitted evenly over the course of a year, and reduced by a third every successive year, with a larger decrease of around 69% in the final year.
  • Year 1: 40 million RUBY (3,333,333.33 RUBY per month)
  • Year 2: 26,666,666.67 RUBY (2,222,222.22 RUBY per month)
  • Year 3: 17,777,777.78 RUBY (1,481,481.48 RUBY per month)
  • Year 4: 11,851,851.85 RUBY (987,654.32 RUBY per month)
  • Year 5: 3,703,703.70 RUBY (306,172.84 RUBY per month)

Allocation of Rewards

Of the above rewards, 20% are allocated to LPs who supply liquidity to Ruby's StableSwap 4Pool, with the remaining 80% allocated to the XY=K pools. At launch, the allocation of rewards across pools is as follows:
  • RUBY-USDP: 24%
  • ETH-USDP: 20%
  • SKL-USDP: 18%
  • WBTC-USDP: 18%
  • StableSwap 4Pool: 20%