Initially, MetaMask will be the default wallet for users to access Ruby.Exchange, with more options added in the future.
In order to use Ruby Exchange you will need a MetaMask wallet that is connected to the Europa SKALE Chain. If you don't have MetaMask installed, you can download it here. When you first connect your MetaMask to Ruby.Exchange, the website will automatically prompt you to add the Europa SKALE Chain. There should be no need to manually add the network, but if that need arises you can find the info below.
Europa SKALE Chain Information
RPC Endpoint:
► Chain ID: 2046399126
Once connected, you don't need any ETH or SKL to perform transactions. Instead, you'll need sFUEL, SKALE's native gas token. sFUEL has no market value, allowing all transactions on Ruby.Exchange to be free to the user. See next page for how to get some sFUEL from our in-app faucet.
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