The RUBY Token
RUBY is used as a utility token (the native payment and rewards currency for Ruby.Exchange) and as the governance token for Ruby DAO.
The RUBY token embodies both governance and utility functionality, in order to engage and benefit all stakeholders within the Ruby.Exchange ecosystem.

Right To Governance

As a DeFi project, decentralized governance is as important as decentralized blockchain infrastructure to Ruby. The Ruby community will have the right to guide the evolution of the protocol and shape the future of Ruby.Exchange.
The RUBY token confers voting rights to all holders as we move towards full decentralization and DAO governance. Stakeholders of our platform will be able to propose and vote on farming reward weight changes, emission schedules, future development priorities, and anything else they deem worthy of adjusting, adding, or removing.

Rewarding Stakeholders

Users who provide liquidity to either the StableSwap 4Pool or the XY=K side of the platform will receive rewards paid out in RUBY tokens, according to the emission schedule detailed in the Liquidity Mining Emissions section. Users are also able to earn additional fees by opting to stake their RUBY tokens with no lockup for trade fee-sharing. Another option is to lock their tokens for three months to earn trade fees plus forfeited early-exit penalties from users who LP and choose to take their rewards prior to the vesting being completed.